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Easy to implement, easy to learn & easy to use. To launch the new exclusive partnership that Whitehouse has with StyleCAD, we have developed 8 short and sweet workshops.

StyleCAD is a leading designer of pattern design, grading and lay-planning computer systems, serving over 300 Fashion companies in Australia as well as, furniture, industrial and automotive design companies. To launch the new exclusive partnership that Whitehouse has with StyleCAD, we have developed 8 short and sweet Studio Workshops.

Studio Workshops in digitising, pattern designing, pattern grading and lay-planning for Designers new to StyleCAD to learn the system, or for those with experience to broaden their skills and use of the system.

Dates and times of studios at the Sydney Campus have been programmed to fit in with your busy work schedule either after hours or on Saturdays.


Starting at the StyleCAD Studio

Studio 1 - Introduction

During this 6-hour Studio you will learn about the ideal CAD program that makes it easy to realise your fashion designs and start you on the path with hassle-free development.

Overview the StyleCAD Pattern Xpert and Advanced PDS software with its user friendly tools and applications that are fun to use and easy to learn.

Learn how to digitise or i-Digit your finished patterns or basic blocks into the system.

Understand and use the basic tools frequently used for pattern styling.

StyleCAD Pattern Styling Studios

Studio 2 - Elementary Pattern Styling

Take your new StyleCAD knowledge and step into the design world by learning the many basics of Pattern Xpert pattern styling during this 6-hour Studio.

Hands-on start with some basic technical skills and quicksteps essential for pattern styling.

Learn how to draft pattern shapes using Line, Point, Graphic Tools and Curve Blending functions.

Finish with a pattern block ready for styling at your next StyleCAD Studio Workshop.

Studio 3 - Intermediate Pattern Styling

If you already have some experience in fashion design and want to get ahead, then increase your knowledge of the many more StyleCAD uses.

During this 6-hour Studio you will learn how to create design lines, circles, rotate and flip patterns cut and join pieces & pivot darts.

Make facings to complete your designs ready for sampling.

StyleCAD Pattern Grading Studio

Studio 4 - Introduction to Pattern Grading

Developing a size range (pattern grading) with StyleCAD is quick and easy and in minutes you will see just how simple it is to develop grade rules and produce all the sizes you need for production during this 6-hour Studio.

• Grade Rules/Tables

• Perimeter Grading

• Flat/2D Grading

Studio 5 - Intermediate Pattern Grading

Apply your introductory pattern grading knowledge to a variety of pattern shapes - tops, pants, dresses, raglan sleeves, set-in sleeves in this 6-hour workshop.

Studio 6 - Proportional and Comparison Pattern Grading

Extend your pattern grading skills to include proportional and comparison grading as applied to plus sizes and bras, to accommodate increments in bust cup sizes in this 6-hour Studio.

StyleCAD Lay Planning Studio

Studio 7 - Lay Planning

In just 3 hours see how easy it is to save time and money by learning the ins and outs of marker making and layplanning when you use StyleCAD Marking – even check your yields!

Studio 8 - Advanced Pattern Styling

Experiment and expand your skills when you learn to be an expert with StyleCAD

Advanced Pattern Styling - see all the tricks of the trade.

Throughout this 6-hour advanced Studio learn how to create volume - ruffles, shirring, folds and pleats. Re-invent shapes, make lining and interlining patterns, develop specification sheets using on-screen pattern measuring.

Finalise your Pattern Style File by adding a photo or sketch of your design.


Type Studios / Short course
Availability Domestic and international
Fee help N/A
Study mode Block/Intensive
Duration 1 day
Course code StyleCAD
Form name na
Cricos NA
Next intake Currently accepting applications
  • Creative Direction & Styling
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design
  • Sydney
  • FAQs

    How do I apply?

    All booking for Whitehouse Workshops can be completed online . 

    View Workshops | Book Online


    Who can apply for a Whitehouse Workshop?

    Whitehouse Workshops are suitable for all ages from secondary school onward. These workshops are intended for those with little or no drawing/image styling skills but have a keen desire to develop them.

    How much is a Whitehouse Workshop?

    Whitehouse workshops are AUD$629 including a basic art kit. 

    What do I get out of the workshop?

    Students receive instruction from design specialists from the creative industries who oversee the educational quality of the delivery of each course. Each participant will receive a Whitehouse Certificate of Participation as recognition of course completion. Students will receive guidance and information on the application process for full-time courses at Whitehouse.

    Who can apply for School Workshops?

    Only School students can attend School Workshops, the delivery for these workshops are either incursions or at the Whitehouse campuses. All bookings must be made through your school.

    What are Brisbane and Perth Workshops?

    These two-day workshops are offered during the spring school holiday periods in Brisbane and Perth. Detailed dates, times, costs and locations can be found via the Brisbane and Perth Workshops tab. 

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