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School Workshops

For Schools in NSW and VIC

School Workshops are practical beginner classes designed for school students that can be held either at your school or at our Sydney or Melbourne Campus'. These workshops aim to introduce design concepts and develop skills that will prepare students for further studies in design.

School Workshops are offered in the areas of Drawing for Fashion, Interior Drawing Techniques, Creative Direction & Styling or Textiles and Design for the HSC/VCE. School workshop sessions can also be tailored to meet the individual needs of each school.


Fashion (one or two day option)

- Drawing the human body as a fashion figure including proportion & styling

- Rendering fashion drawings with tonal and textural illustration techniques

- Overview of the design process and skills needed for a career in the design and fashion industries

Two day option also covers:

- Developing skills in analysing forecasted trends for fashion colours, fabrics and silhouettes to respond to a design brief

- Concept and idea development for sketching onto a three-body range

- Communicating design through coloured fashion illustration and production drawing


Interior (one or two day option)

- Basic techniques for one-point perspective drawing and interior object drawing

- Repeat patterns and fabric rendering

- Discussion about skills required for a career in architecture, interior design and interior decoration


Creative Direction (one or two day option)

- Examine aspects of styling in industries such as fashion, interiors, food, events, film, advertising, visual merchandising and magazines

- Develop skills for styling garments with cultural influences and create a make-up/ hair styling board for a catwalk look

- Overview of the styling industry, the role of a stylist and their relationship with the media


Textiles & Design for the HSC or VCE

This in-depth workshop will provide students with valuable instruction and feedback regarding the supporting documentation and illustration techniques final year projects in the HSC or VCE.

- Design inspiration and concept development

- Visual design development and rendering techniques

- Portfolio layout and design

Specialised School Workshops

School Workshops can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each school, please contact Whitehouse directly to discuss your requirements. Such workshops could include:

- Rendering only workshop

- Design and construction of paper dresses with photo shoot

- Model making

- Portfolio presentation

- Technical sketches for industry

- A negotiated program that suits the participants needs.


Type Studios / Short course
Availability Domestic and international
Fee help N/A
Study mode Block/Intensive
Duration 1 day
Course code School Studios
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Cricos N/A
Next intake Currently accepting applications
  • Creative Direction & Styling
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • How to Apply

    ​Specialised School Workshops can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each school, please contact Whitehouse directly to discuss your requirements via the enquiry email

  • FAQs

    How do I apply?

    All booking for Whitehouse Workshops can be completed online . 

    View Workshops | Book Online


    Who can apply for a Whitehouse Workshop?

    Whitehouse Workshops are suitable for all ages from secondary school onward. These workshops are intended for those with little or no drawing/image styling skills but have a keen desire to develop them.

    How much is a Whitehouse Workshop?

    Whitehouse workshops are AUD$629 including a basic art kit. 

    What do I get out of the workshop?

    Students receive instruction from design specialists from the creative industries who oversee the educational quality of the delivery of each course. Each participant will receive a Whitehouse Certificate of Participation as recognition of course completion. Students will receive guidance and information on the application process for full-time courses at Whitehouse.

    Who can apply for School Workshops?

    Only School students can attend School Workshops, the delivery for these workshops are either incursions or at the Whitehouse campuses. All bookings must be made through your school.

    What are Brisbane and Perth Workshops?

    These two-day workshops are offered during the spring school holiday periods in Brisbane and Perth. Detailed dates, times, costs and locations can be found via the Brisbane and Perth Workshops tab. 

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