Student Support

Whilst studying at the Whitehouse Institute students are encouraged to participate fully in campus life.  Students are encouraged to contact nominated members of staff should they be experiencing any barriers to learning. These staff, who are identified during student assemblies, are then able to assist the student in determining a course of action.

Classes are delivered in the lecture, tutorial and studio mode giving the student the opportunity to seek clarification and review of subject matter during the class. The lecturer monitors each student’s progress and provides additional assistance as required.

Where required, the student can seek additional assistance on language, literacy and/or numeracy from their Head of Department or Librarian/Information Manager.

Whitehouse Institute acknowledges the responsibilities it has in admitting an educationally, culturally, economically and socially diverse student body.  In accordance with Whitehouse Institute’s policy, it is in the best interests of both the student and the Institute to efficiently and effectively monitor students’ progress to enable early intervention.

All students are advised at Orientation that the Student Administration Manager/Officer and the Librarian/Information Manager are available to discuss issues they may have that are affecting their ability to participate fully in campus life.

Where appropriate, and after consultation with either the Executive Director Anthony Ruberto (Melbourne) or the Campus Manager Connie Hart (Sydney) who will advise the student to seek additional professional assistance.  To aid in the provision of this advice, the Whitehouse Institute maintains a database of suitable services.

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