General information

The library is a shared space designed to be used for study, reading, research & group work.

  • All students may borrow books and magazines for one week (seven days)
  • Items are due back by 5pm on the due date.
  • Students may borrow two books and two magazines at any one time
  • Students require their student ID card to borrow


  • Patrons can borrow 05 items for one week
  • Patrons can renew items those are not requested by other users
  • Students can hire equipment to use on campus only. Items are due back before 5:00pm on the same day of hire
  • If you have an item that is overdue, you can not borrow


  • Two remote access renewals are permitted per item, after this, students must return the item to the library

How to Renew 'remotely'

A remote renewal means that you can renew your borrowed item online through the library catalogue without having to bring it back into the library. Remote renewals are restricted by your normal borrowing regulations.

Follow the instructions below to perform a remote renewal:

  • Sign-in Student Zone or Staff Zone
  • Login your library account from the library webpage using your student / staff number and password / PIN. (Staff username is "WI" followed by your staff number; Student username is your student number. For password, please contact your library staff)
  • When you press Login, you can view your current loans and a Renew button will appear when the mouse is moved over the record
  • Click "Renew" to renew item(s) you wish. 


Whitehouse Libraries use the Dewey Decimal System: each item in the library has a call number which can be used to determine the item's location. Items in the library are also organised in collections. Students need to take note of the collection that the item resides in so that they can locate the item. Below is a list of collections:


The main collection is the largest collection in the library and these books may be borrowed borrowed for the one-week borrowing period. The section is layed out in dewey decimal order and a general guide to the dewey system topics is included below:

000’s: Computer/Information/Generalities

100’s: Philosophy & psychology

200’s: Religion

300’s: Social sciences

400’s: Language

500’s: Natural sciences & mathematics

600’s: Technology (Applied sciences)

700’s: The arts

800’s: Literature, Language, Rhetoric & Writing

900’s: Geography & history

The majority of the Whitehouse Main Collection’s is made up from items in the 600’s and 700’s.


The serials collection contains all the magazines and periodicals. The most recent editions are for in library use only, and back issues may be borrowed by students.

Set Texts

The set texts collection contains all the set texts for each subject. These books can be used in the library only.  If your teacher has recommended a book to your class, the library will likely move the title to the set texts collection so that everyone has access.

Reference and Closed Reserve

Items in the reference and closed reserve collections can be used in the library only. Items include materials such as encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, manuals, rare books etc.

Late Fees

Because our library is of a limited size, to ensure fair access to our resources for all Library users, there are fines for the late return of items. You can help make our borrowing service work well for everyone by returning or renewing items by their due date. Fines are a way of ensuring fair and equitable sharing of Library resources to everyone. They aim to improve access to material, especially core/reading list items.

  • Overdue loans will be charged at $1 per day per item
  • Emails are sent once a week to students who have overdue items – we do not send reminders prior to the due date
  • Students with late fees of $5 or less may still borrow from the library
  • Once late fees accrue to $6 or more students will not be allowed to borrow from the library until late fees are paid in full
  • Please note if an item is not returned or an overdue fee is unpaid, no semester results will be issued until item is returned and or payments are received 

Lost/Missing Books

  • Library items that are more than four weeks overdue are assumed lost and an account is issued to cover the replacement cost of the item (minimum $120), plus an administrative fee of $20.00 per item. If the item is returned, the replacement cost is waived, however all other charges remain
  • Replacement costs for lost or damaged material must be paid in full
  • If you have overdue fines of $5.00 or more you will be suspended from borrowing until this is paid in full. If fines of $5.00 or more are not paid by the end of semester, you will not be able to obtain your exam results or graduate)


Online Databases:

Online resources you can access as a student of Whitehouse are found in the Student Zone section of the Whitehouse website.

    •       EBSCO: Art & Architecture Complete: access available via the student zone

    •       The Future Lab: latest consumer trends, design directions, market reports, ethnographic research, and expert interviews. Currently available on Whitehouse Campuses in Sydney and Melbourne only. 

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