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Posted 23 Feb 2016

Weird, wacky and wonderful: Designer, 20, who says she wants to 'turn the world rainbow' is lighting up with the fashion world

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Weird, wacky and wonderful: Designer, 20, who says she wants to 'turn the world rainbow' is lighting up with the fashion world with her outlandish creations

  • Amelia Vivash is a Sydney designer known for her outlandish creations.
  • She studied at the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design
  • Her work features a rainbow of colour and unconventional textiles
  • Ms Vivash has drawn attention on Instagram for her crazy outfit pictures

Amelia Vivash's designs are weird, wacky and wonderful. The Sydney artist and designer has been turning heads both in real life and on social media with her colourful style and crazy clothing designs.

The talented young woman attended the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design, a private art and design college located in Sydney and Melbourne.

Originally from Brisbane, Ms Vivash moved to Sydney to study at Whitehouse, and describes herself as an 'avant garde designer.'

She graduated from Whitehouse in 2015, and showed her designs at the school's end of year fashion show.  Her range, which she has called Queen Amelia, combines fashion with soft sculpture and could be better described as wearable art. It's colourful and cartoonish, featuring glitter, fishnet tights and what appear to be disembodied body parts that could belong to monsters.

It's an extreme version of Ms Vivash's everday style, which features clashing prints, odd socks, plenty of jewellery and crazy crazy makeup.

She often uses unconventional textiles and accessories, for example creating a necklace out of tampons, or a skirt out of old dolls. 

Ms Vivash's designs and street style has gained her more than 7,500 followers on Instagram, where she documents not only her own creations but everyday life and things that inspire her. 

On her Raw Artists profile, she says that her designs are an expression of self and a way to subvert a norm. 'My designs mostly represent me as a person, I am colour and print obsessed and totally fabulous,' she wrote. 

'My collections are literally larger then life, bigger is better and more is always more! To me colour and print is everything! I am a lover of mis-matching prints you necessarily wouldn't put together to create a colour bomb explosion.'

The confident and creative powerhouse says that she wants to 'turn the world rainbow.' She wants to evoke a strong reaction in all that see her designs, and the unconventional style she employs. 

'What I hope with all my collections is that people fall in love with the concept, or completely hate it. I will be equally as happy,' she said. 

The young designer, who is only 20, says that she has high hopes for the future. She doesn't see herself staying in Australia though, preferring to move to the US, UK or Japan. 

'I promised myself I would be successful by the time I'm 25. I've got five years to pump out some serious s***,' she told The Ladies Network.

'In ten years I'd want to be living overseas bubbling around New York, London and Tokyo, creating my own weird and crazed runways, dressing club kids, performance artists, drag queens, and whoever wants to look like a hot mess…selling all my art/millenary/jewellery pieces with my collections and being a dirty club kid.'

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