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Charlotte Rose-Mastin

I am a Final Year fashion student, currently completing my Graduate Collection at the Sydney Campus of Whitehouse Institute of Design. As my studies reach conclusion, I wanted to take the time to both reflect on my journey at Whitehouse and shed some light on my experience, assisting potential students, whom are considering commencing a degree with this University. 

I have always experienced a burning desire to pursue a career within the Fashion Industry and stumbled across the world of 'Whitehouse' at the tender age of 18. Initially unsure of whether to delve into a creative career or follow something more mainstream such as Business or Psychology, I prolonged the process, enabling me to experience and confidently decide what would be best for me on a long term basis. For several years I found myself religiously revisiting the website, scouring the information and admiring the creations of past students, in complete awe of the possibilities such a path may behold. For months, I worked on my portfolio and my presentation, before I finally built the courage to apply. Which honestly, was the best decision I have EVER made. 

Prior to attending Whitehouse, I had absolutely no sewing experience what-so-ever. I quite literally did not even know how to thread a sewing machine; but with perseverance, determination and some incredibly devoted and supportive teachers, I was sewing my life away in no time. My first assessment was also the first garment I had ever sewn, two years on and now I'm conquering an entire Graduate Collection!

I have acquired an unimaginable amount of skills whilst studying at Whitehouse, enabling me to work prolifically in multiple disciplinary areas including; Digital Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design, Manual Patternmaking, Digital Patternmaking and Garment Construction, which is all, only made possible by the well balanced course structure that this University offers.

In my First Year, I progressed from a complete beginner to becoming the 2015 Designer Of The Year. 2016 quickly approached and my love for this career path and for Whitehouse grew profoundly as I was offered incredible opportunities including winning the 2016 Witchery White Shirt Campaign and gaining a life changing experience, through Whitehouse, Microsoft and MBFW's Digital Art Competition using the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which landed me live illustrating, front row at several New York Fashion Week shows. I was provided with many incredible opportunities whilst overseas, with special thanks to our Industry Liaison Manager, whom works tirelessly to provide us with, and support us into an array of premium employment and internship roles. 

Whitehouse Institute of Design is not for the faint hearted, we are known for our hard work and dedication. However if your dream is to succeed within the fashion industry, this University provides a challenging, competitive and inspiring environment for young emerging designers like myself, to chase a passion, find a niche and immerse themselves in all things fashion and design. 

If you are considering this career path yourself, I can not speak highly enough of Whitehouse Institute of Design, what it has provided me with, and how it has shaped me into a forward-thinking, confident and capable individual, who is both inspired and determined for success. My experience here, quite literally shows that regardless of an extensive fashion background, with a love for the industry, a devotion to the cause and with the support of Whitehouse, absolutely anything is possible!

With all my thanks and gratitude, 



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